Ultimate Tie Breaker Quiz Questions – Pub Quiz

Has your pub quiz ended on a draw? Have no fear, find the winner with these ultimate tiebreaker quiz questions!

No matter how hard your quiz is, sometimes it just ends on a draw, and where is the fun in that? A winner needs to be crowned!

So how do you find the winner if you have run out of multiple choice quiz questions? With a tie break question – that is how!

pile of lego men heads part of a tie break quiz question

Tiebreaker questions are the ultimate trivia questions. They are not designed to be easy but they are designed to crown your champion.

So how do they work? Rarely, a correct answer is given, as we said these tie break questions for quizzes are not simple. Rather the answers you will be given will be more of a ‘guesstimate’ with the closest answer being the winner.

Generally, being over means bust, but it is up to you how you prefer to decide who is closest.

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The tiebreaker quiz questions we have put together cover a wide range of topics from TV & Film, geography, and everyday general knowledge. Some of them, we admit, is completely random.

Feeling festive? Pick a Christmas tie-break question instead!

The questions below will not be in our normal format, the answer will be displayed directly under the question. Therefore, if you are involved in the tie-break pass your screen over to an impartial person to pick and read out loud.

Ready? Let the games begin…

Ultimate Tie Breaker Quiz Questions

General knowledge Tie Break Questions

  1. Giving the month and year, when did Jeff Bezos start Amazon?
    July 1984
  2. In the 2019 UK general election, how many people voted Conservative?
    13.96 Million
  3. How many people survived the Titanic?
  4. How many windows are there in The Shard, London?
    11 000
  5. How many people visited the Taj Mahal, India in 2020?
    4.4 Million
  6. 2022, how many Apple stores are there in the world?
  7. Pamela Anderson married for the fifth time in January 2020, how many days did the mariage last?
    12 Days
  8. How much does The Strand cost to buy on a standard Monopoly board?
  9. How many U.S states are larger than the UK?
  10. A tradition Chef’s toque (hat) has how many folds?
  11. How many monthly users does Facebook have?
    2.89 Billion
crowd at a festival
Will an entertainment question find the winner?

Entertainment Tie Break questions

  1. In cm, how tall is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson?
  2. How many words are there in Harry potter and The Chamber of Secrets book?
    85 141
  3. To the nearest minute, how long is the first Jurassic Park movie?
  4. Not including the reunion show, how many episodes of Friends are there altogether?
  5. How much did Scarlett Johansson earn for her role in Black Widow?
    $20 million
  6. How many subscribers does Netflix have? (2020)
    214 Million
  7. How many different Pokemon characters are there in total? (2020)
  8. How many Oscars has Tom Hanks? (2021)
  9. Transformers: Rise of the Fallen was the top grossing movie of 2009, how much did it make? ($)
    $402 111 870
  10. How many episodes of Only Fools and Horses were made?
  11. How many UK number one singles have the Spice Girls had?

Geography Tie Breaker Quiz Questions

  1. In KM, how long is the Great Wall of China?
    21 196 km
  2. How many people live in the state of Ohio, USA?
    11.69 Million
  3. How many tourists visit Angkor Wat each year?
    2.6 Million
  4. In KM squared, how big is the Kruger National Park, South Africa?
    19,485 km²
  5. How many domestic cats are there on the Island of Maui, Hawaii?
    500 000
  6. What is the population of Uzbekistan (2021)?
    33 935 763
  7. In feet, how tall are the white letters in the famous Hollywood Hills sign in California?
    45 Feet
  8. In metres, how tall is the Statue of Liberty, New York?
    93 Metres
  9. In metres, how tall is Mount Fuji, Japan?
    3776 Metres
  10. Including vault tracks, how many tracks were on Taylor Swift’s Red (Taylor’s Version) Album?
  11. In the Travis song `Sing`, how many times is the word `Sing` sung?

Science and Nature Tie break quiz questions

  1. In minutes, what was the total time that Neil Armstrong spent out of the lunar module on the moon?
    152 Minutes
  2. In miles, what is the distance between Saturn and Jupiter?
    456 Million Miles
  3. How many elements are there is the periodic table?
  4. In cm, what is the average height of a Male Asian Elephant?
    289 cm
  5. In which year did Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone?
  6. What percentage of Earth’s surface is covered in water?
  7. How many zeroes are in a Googol?
  8. What is the average life cycle of a red blood cell?
    120 days
  9. In miles, what is the distance between the moon and earth?
    238,900 miles
  10. What is the average temperature on Venus?
    460 degree celsius

Sports Tie-break questions

  1. How is Arense Wenger as of January 2022?
  2. How many times have the Boston Red Sox won the world series?
  3. How many official summer Olympic sports are there?
  4. What is the capicity of the football stadium Camp Nou?
    99 354
  5. What year did Red Rum first win the Grand National?
  6. What is the highest score possible in Snooker?
  7. In which month and year did the World Wrestling Federation change to the World Wrestling Entertainment?
    May 2002
  8. How many laps are there in the Monaco Grand Prix?
  9. How many times have the LA Lakers won the NBA championship?
  10. How many times has Lionel Messi scored for Barcelona as of January 2022?

Random tie-breaker questions

  1. How many, on average, Coco Pops are there in a standard 510g box of Kellogg’s Coco Pops?
    16 500
  2. How many days is the current Guiness World Record Sneezing fit?
  3. How many stations are there on the London Underground?
  4. How many words are there in the Christian Bible?
    783 137
  5. How many people have a UK National Trust membership?
    5.37 Million
  6. How many Christmas trees sold in UK each year?
    8 Million
  7. How many seconds are there in a day?
    84 600 seconds
  8. What percentage of the world is left handed?

We hope these awesomely hard tie-break quiz questions have helped you to find the champion of your quiz!

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